Courtesy Guidelines

Emergencies always take priority!
The PRIMARY purpose of the OCERI repeaters (146.800 MHz, 442.575 MHz) is to facilitate emergency communications.
The general public monitors our frequencies by scanner so all conversations should be conducted in accordance with all regulations and good communication practices.
Never give the impression that amateur radio is like CB.
Try to keep transmissions/QSO's to within 5 minutes in length. If a local QSO is to extend beyond 5 minutes, try to switch to simplex. The local frequency is 146.460. The national calling frequency is 146.520.
BUT remember---
Emergencies always take priority! Many local amateurs monitor the repeaters for emergencies to be able to assist traveling hams or just to know when other locals are on frequency. Mobile operations should be given priority.
During QSO's, frequently invite others to break in, and allow time between transmissions for them to do so. Make them know they are welcome to join in, and/or use the repeater themselves.
Pause after each transmission to allow the repeater to re-set itself. Unnecessarily long rag-chews not only discourage casual break-ins, but also cause local monitors to turn off their receivers. Rag-chewing can be done on other frequencies such as simplex.
Emergencies always take priority!