Network Packet Radio

The NPR-70 (Network Packet Radio) provides a radio frequency method of connection to the internet, intranet or mesh network using UHF radio for communications when WiFi or other typical means of connection are not available. Two modems are required to make this work. One the Master is connected to the source of the internet. The second, Client, is connected to the computer wanting connectivity. One Master unit can connect upto 7 clients at a time. Using the same NPR-70 one is wired for remote access and is configured to be a master. The client unit is configured for its role. Using UHF frequencies in the amateur radio band frequencies are configured in both units (VHF radio modules can be substituted for the UHF one). Members of the Central Oregon Coast Amateur Radio Club have begun testing the units in the Florence area and updates will be posted when available. NPR-70 Modem Kit
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The Modem can be ordered as a kit or assembled. This is the kit version. The printed circuit board has the surface mount devices pre-installed, thankfully. All parts are included to complete the kit
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The completed kit which is connected to a BTech RF amplifier. Supply 12 volt type power, an antenna, plug in a computer and you have an RF TCP/IP connection via RF radio provided a unit is installed to communicate with. This will not provide web browser access (think dialup) but will work for text, photos and email access where other forms of TCP/IP connectivity are not available

Upgraded Chip

Placeholder Picture NPR-70 Modem Kit upgrade for V04. Adds SRAM to the V04 modem which increases the TX buffer length and allows greater data transfer speed.
Upgrade board mounted in the NPR-70 Modem. Seven solder connections and a firmware update is all it takes. V05 of the NPR-70 modem includes this update.
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