Using firmware developed by the AREDN group off the shelf WiFi devices can be altered to use amateur frequency allocations in the 2.4Ghz, 3.5Ghz and 5.9Ghz spectrum. Flonet, a name coined by Julie AC0WN is a hardware based communications process in the early development stage. Using WiFi devices a local area network will be developed to allow an independent intranet (local area self contained internet). 

This system when fully implemented would have a redundant connectivity with multiple devices thoughout the Florence area. I would allow high speed data communications in limitless applications from video imagery to voice over IP and data movement. VOIP phones could be in place to supplement the loss of local phone communications during a disaster. Computer systems would maintain communications within the Florence area.

Placeholder Picture

FloNet update: As seen in the photograph the Flonet system is maturing at a slow planned pace. The system currenty supports text, mailbox and Voice Over IP communications. The network has been expanded into the Willamette Valley using tunnels though the internet system. Ongoing design