Welcome to the Central Oregon Coast Amateur Radio Club Technology page. Clicking on the various links will take you to projects that are active and to those under development. Where possible a contact will be listed for additional information.

What is Flonet?
Julie McGrew AC0WN, President of COCARC, in addition to spearheading other technical advances in Amateur Radio for the Florence Area is now in the early stages of the development of a Ham Radio based Intranet WiFi communications system called a Mesh Network. The system will use off the shelf wifi routers and radios that are modified to use the amateur radio spectrum. Typically for a cost of less then 50 dollars any amateur, Tech and above, can join the network. Flonet will be based on firmware provided by AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) www.AREDN.org. Julie can be contacted for further information. Look for a new page (soon) on this site outlining developments in Flonet.